The Clematis Condo Near to Clementi Mall by SingHaiYi Group

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The Clematis represents a new development that is located in the center of Clementi. Former West Park is now this development and it was successfully associated by Sing-Haiyi Gold. The sale presents a long time investing for Sing-Haiyi to come into the association and to take his chances for up scaling the sale prices. There were a lot of associations but Clematic Park is probably the biggest development in the Clemati estate and that’s why it’s there will be a lot of amenities that will be available for the new owners of Clematic Condo.

The Clematis Condo at Clementi Town SingHaiYi

The group of The Clematis SingHaiyi has plenty of unique facilities, such as indoor gym, tennis court, clubhouse, guard house, swimming pools, BBQ areas, playground for your children etc… This will provide you with full entertainment for your family and your beloved ones. Clematis group has already tried to associate two times before, so, this was their third time which was successful attempt. The previous association called Park West had 432 residential units and 4 shops, and that’s the reason why they have undergoing plan to make possibility of commercial shops to the resident come true. The development is located near to Clementi Mall and the developer is SingHaiYi Group. SingHaiYi is a leading real estate developer in Singapore.

The Clematis Condo Near to Clementi Mall

For everyone who enjoy shopping there is Clementi Mall near to the Park West Shopping Center. Located in the city of Singapore, Clementi Mall is a nirvana for everyone who really enjoys shopping. With five floors of space, the mall is amazingly large, so there is variety of shops including from jewelry and watches to postal offices. Owner of the shopping mall is CM Domain-Pte Ltd. CM Domain is association of four companies. It has around 150 shops, so everyone can find what he is looking for. It is full of entertainment features as much as it’s full with food stores and much more wonderful products that will give you and your family an unforgettable experience. There are also several traditional restaurants on every floor in the Clementi Mall, where is served plenty of delicacies to fit every taste of nationalities around the mall.

The Clematis Condo Full Condo Facilities SingHaiYi Group

The Former Clematis Park West is covering area of 633,967 sq ft. It offers the guest to choose between 432 fully equipped apartments. Park West has a tradition of 99 years, where 63 years on their own and the rest when SingHaiyi has acquired it. The entire area has been based on a flexible typology podium, method which allows public space to be created as courtyard with several pedestrian links. The office technology that is used for the new buildings has many parks without making any waste of space. For more visit The Clementi because unique and wonderful lifestyle awaits you.

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