Paya Lebar Quarter Lend Lease Australia Condo

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The Paya Lebar Quarter is an upcoming combined commercial and residential property development in Singapore. Previously the tendency has been to have separate commercial and residential construction projects in the same area that have not been planned to be linked to each other. Whilst such projects have fitted well together that has been more by coincidence than by design. The firm responsible for gaining the lease for the Paya Lebar Quarter decided to try a different approach for this real estate project.

Paya Lebar Quarter New Project Lend Lease

Essentially the approach taken to the planning and then the building of the project was to make more than the construction of executive condos. The concept is to make the development more attractive for potential residents to move into by having commercial and retail facilities based on the site. People could therefore work and shop in the same complex of buildings, which they would also live in. That would make the daily commute into the city centre to get into work a thing of the past for those people that gain jobs in the businesses that are going to be based within the Paya Lebar Quarter. Residents would then only have to travel for leisure or to visit family and friends, while missing the rush hour.

Paya Lebar Quarters Lend Lease

The plan is to build the complex in the form of three high rise tower blocks, and put the retail units in with the condos. The plan is for there to be just over 400 condos alongside the commercial and shop units. Besides work places and shops there will be places where the residents will be able to relax. Once the project has almost been completed people will be able to book to view the condos, offices, and shop units too.

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