Hillion Mall Facilities and Retail Shops

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The Hillion Mall is more than just a shopping center. This mall is an entertainment center too. There are many things to do in addition to shopping. If a person is going to go shopping they can shop for some of the finest brand names in the world. Hillion Mall is located near to OKP Holdings new development 71 Phoenix Avenue which is a former enbloc Phoenix Heights

If a person needs to take a break from shopping they can get some food at one of the cafes or restaurants in the Hillion Mall. A person can get anything from coffee to a full meal in this mall. There is even a supermarket at the mall where a person can complete their grocery shopping. There are foods native to Singapore and there are also foods from all around the world.

Hillion Mall Facilities and Retail Shops

There are many services that the Hillion Mall has to offer to its shoppers. If a person notices that their feet are beginning to hurt from shopping they can go to get a foot massage and a pedicure. A person can also enjoy a relaxing day at the fitness boutique and spa and can get relaxation services. They can get a massage and get thier hair and nails done.

Hillion Mall Promotions on Goods and Items

Before heading to the mall a person needs to check out their website. Some several great discounts and promotions are happening and they do update from time to time. Some promotions will help a person save money on their dining and there are savings for different stores including clothing stores. There are some get discounts for students to help them save some money on the items that they need. There are even promotions for one hour of free parking which can help save a person some money and allow them to spend it in the stores. Some stores even have buy one get one free promotion on certain goods and services.

Hillion Mall Loyalty Programme for Shoppes

The Hillion Mall has a program for loyal shoppers to help them save money and get special deals. All a shopper needs to go is download the Hillion app which is free. A person will then register and activate an account. They will then get points to use. For every dollar that they spend they will get one Hillion dollars. These points can then be redeemed for rewards and gift certifications. There are also special offers and discounts. All a person needs to do is scan the QR code from the store and their purchase amount to start earning.

Hillion Mall is a great place to shop that rewards their customers. A person can shop for some great stores and earn points for shopping. They can also enjoy some good dining and other experiences that shoppers value and need.

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