Farrer Park Hospital Near to Uptown @ Farrer Condo

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The location of Uptown is very ideal as it’s a few steps from Farrer Park MRT Station. Everyone who lives in Singapore knows that taking the MRT is the best way to travel around the country. It’s clean, organized and fast. Aside from the convenience of being near public transport, the property is also near commercial establishments. It’s near shopping malls such as City Square Mall, Jalan Besar Plaza, Mustafa Centre and the soon to rise Centrium Square

Farrer Park Hospital Near to Uptown @ Farrer Condo

There’s no doubt the area is full of tourists exploring local finds. Health won’t be a problem either as Farrer Park Hospital and Medical Centre is also nearby. Finally, those who own private cars will find good news in the fact that the property is just a few blocks away from Pan Island Expressway and Central Expressway. Uptown @ Farrer Park is also close to Farrer Park MRT Station

Last November 29, 2016, the site was launched for public tender. It didn’t take long for the government to put it up for sale on a 99-year lease. They’re aware the property won’t be short on buyers due to how amazing the location is. China Construction Development and Allgreen Properties finished second and third in the bidding respectively. Now, we will never know what their plans for the properties are. The only thing that matters right now is the plan of Low Keng Huat Uptown @ Farrer. Due to their history of delivering outstanding projects, it’s doubtful anyone will be disappointed with what they have planned for the property.

The Origin of Farrer Park Name

There is no doubt that Uptown @ Farrer adds something to the history of Singapore and there is need for it to be preserved. Why then should that be the case when there is no physical structure but just a field that’s open? In 18412, that’s when a racecourse was established in the open field of Farrer Park. The first plane in this beautiful country also landed here and at the same time, it acted as a rifle range venue. The field was once used as an airstrip. Many political rallies were held in this field in the past and at the same time, it was everyone’s choice when it comes to sporting affairs.

Uptown @ Farrer Park Condo Singapore

Political gatherings that were held at Farrer Park came in handy. There were both pre and post wars in Singapore and this park play a role in it. When Singapore fell to the Japanese, the soldiers of both Malay and Indian were all held up in the field where they were demanded to pledge allegiance to the new rulers. The campaigns for the People’s Action Party were done at the park in 1955. When the country got its self independence, their armies were located at the park before they finally established their own barracks at a different location.
Now you know about the field of Farrer park!

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Training and Development at Tuan Sing Holdings Property Development

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Tuan Sing Holdings is a business group company with interests in hotels investment, property investment and property development. The company has its headquarters in Singapore and it was founded in 1969. Tuan Sing Holdings grew fast and in 1973 made it to mainboard listing of the Singapore Stock Exchange. The group serves a broad base of clients based in Australia, China, and South East Asia. Tuan Sing Holdings is famous for providing property, hotel investment and industrial development services.

Property Development Tuan Sing Holdings

Property development at Tuan Sing Holdings spans across the executive development of industrial, residential, and commercial properties in China and Singapore. Singapore districts are beneficiaries of Tuan Sing’s quality development of residential housing projects. In China, Tuan Sing is Shanghai’s developer of prime residential projects. The Group has also completed a couple of commercial and industrial development projects in Singapore and has ongoing residential and commercial development projects in Singapore. Tuan Sing has a remarkable record in hotel investment. It is the power behind the Grand Hotel Group the owner of two five star hotels, Hyatt Regency Perth and Grand Hyatt Melbourne. Grand Hyatt Melbourne is five-star hotel located in the impressive “Paris end” of the Collins Street in the Central Business District of Melbourne. Hyatt Regency Perth five-star hotel sits at the verge of Swan River banks close to East Perth.

Industrial Services at Tuan Sing Holdings

The industrial services of Tuan Sing Holdings constitute 80.2 percent of its subsidiary. SP Corporation Ltd – the listed subsidiary is a dealer in soil investigation, commodity business, geotechnical, and products distribution services. Hypak, another subsidiary of Tuan Sing Holdings accounts for 97.9 percent. It deals with the manufacture and market of polypropylene bags used for packaging. In other investments, Tuan Sing has a share of 44.5 percent in Gul Technologies Ltd in Singapore that manufactures circuit board in China and Singapore though its headquarters are based in Singapore. The Group also has a share of 49 percent in Pan-West Company Group, a distributor and marketer of products related to golf sport in Malaysia and Singapore. The company thrives in healthy relationships with its investors providing timely data, more investment opportunities and dividends.

Training and Development at Tuan sing Holdings

Tuan Sing Holdings manages sustainability by its focus on improving the conditions of the world, training, developing, and nurturing its employees, and working towards a sustainable corporate performance and growth. The Group also focuses on community development by participating in charity programs such as sponsoring blood donations to improve the safety of residents. Employees at Tuan Sing Holdings engage in donation programs giving their time, giving out food, and clothing to less privileged people. The Group also provides opportunities for the physically challenged in its five-star hotels.

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