The Clematis Condo Near to Clementi Mall by SingHaiYi Group

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The Clematis represents a new development that is located in the center of Clementi. Former West Park is now this development and it was successfully associated by Sing-Haiyi Gold. The sale presents a long time investing for Sing-Haiyi to come into the association and to take his chances for up scaling the sale prices. There were a lot of associations but Clematic Park is probably the biggest development in the Clemati estate and that’s why it’s there will be a lot of amenities that will be available for the new owners of Clematic Condo.

The Clematis Condo at Clementi Town SingHaiYi

The group of The Clematis SingHaiyi has plenty of unique facilities, such as indoor gym, tennis court, clubhouse, guard house, swimming pools, BBQ areas, playground for your children etc… This will provide you with full entertainment for your family and your beloved ones. Clematis group has already tried to associate two times before, so, this was their third time which was successful attempt. The previous association called Park West had 432 residential units and 4 shops, and that’s the reason why they have undergoing plan to make possibility of commercial shops to the resident come true. The development is located near to Clementi Mall and the developer is SingHaiYi Group. SingHaiYi is a leading real estate developer in Singapore.

The Clematis Condo Near to Clementi Mall

For everyone who enjoy shopping there is Clementi Mall near to the Park West Shopping Center. Located in the city of Singapore, Clementi Mall is a nirvana for everyone who really enjoys shopping. With five floors of space, the mall is amazingly large, so there is variety of shops including from jewelry and watches to postal offices. Owner of the shopping mall is CM Domain-Pte Ltd. CM Domain is association of four companies. It has around 150 shops, so everyone can find what he is looking for. It is full of entertainment features as much as it’s full with food stores and much more wonderful products that will give you and your family an unforgettable experience. There are also several traditional restaurants on every floor in the Clementi Mall, where is served plenty of delicacies to fit every taste of nationalities around the mall.

The Clematis Condo Full Condo Facilities SingHaiYi Group

The Former Clematis Park West is covering area of 633,967 sq ft. It offers the guest to choose between 432 fully equipped apartments. Park West has a tradition of 99 years, where 63 years on their own and the rest when SingHaiyi has acquired it. The entire area has been based on a flexible typology podium, method which allows public space to be created as courtyard with several pedestrian links. The office technology that is used for the new buildings has many parks without making any waste of space. For more visit The Clementi because unique and wonderful lifestyle awaits you.

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Mayfair Modern Condo Development Land Value at King Albert Park

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Located at the center of Bukit Timah, the Mayfair Modern is a rental holding owned by the Oxley Holdings. The new leasehold prior to its sell used to be the popular Mayfair gardens. This unique residential plot exemplifies a perfect location which is close to the King Albert Park and Beauty world as well as Bukit Timah.

Development Land Value of Mayfair Modern Condo

The development land was valued at $311m. The leasehold is situated just a stone throw from the downtown line and the MRT station. If you need that exceptional and peaceful environment to live in, then the Mayfair Modern development is a place for you.

The development is going to be made up of two prime plots of land. The first one is Mayfair modern condo and secondly the Mayfair garden. The modern one will be the smaller plot which comprises of 171 units. It will be opened two weeks after the Mayfair garden. It will also be high-quality leasehold which is accessibly situated close to the Dunearn road.

Mayfair Gardens 215 Units Condo

The Mayfair gardens are the central piece of land which is a distance from the main road. It will comprise of 215 units. The development will offer a cool environment which is far from the busy city and commotions on the main road. For buyers who need a more relaxed and tranquil place, then they should consider this plot of land.

The development offers a wide variety of complete and exclusive facilities. Some of them, includes the kids playing ground, a function room, a tennis court, a guard room, an indoor gym, a sun deck, swimming pool among many others. This is the best place if you need to offer your loved ones with full entertainment needs.

Oxley Holdings Real Estate Development Company Singapore

The Oxley Holdings is a real estate development company. It is the company responsible for this leasehold project. It deals with both property investment and development. Besides working locally, the company also operates in overseas. At the present, the company has opened up 12 branches worldwide.

The Oxley holdings have a resourceful portfolio which signifies the boundless and quality work they offer. Besides covering development, the firm also deals with consultation matters. It, therefore, handles residential, industrial as well as commercial projects.

This is a private residential park which is located near the Bukit Timah. Due to the impending Cross island line, the park may also bear near the MRT station. The reasons why most people prefer the place for residential purposes is due to its closeness to various shopping malls as well as the Bukit Timah. In this park, you will get a variety of food choices to satisfy your appetite.

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Heeton Holdings Park Colonial Condo Residential Property Investment

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From the last few years, Singapore has developed drastically as the hub of the real-estate market in the world. Since the Government of Singapore and the Land Authorities have settled collaboration between them, the real estate market has boomed in Singapore. This is the right time to invest in the private property market in Singapore. Since October 2017, there has been a constant increase in the land development rates and the real estate market across Singapore.

Heeton Holdings Developer Park Colonial Condo

Heeton Holdings are a part of world-class property development as well as real-estate investment since the year, 1976 and they are publically listed on the Singapore Exchange since the 2003. If you are looking for an elegant residential plot or apartment in Singapore then you are on the right page. Heeton Holdings have their niche in developing unique residential properties at the most expensive locations of the city.

Some of the successful project locations and schemes of the Heeton Holdings are DLV Dalvey Road, LYNNSVILLE 331 Pasir Panjand Road, The CASSANDRA Pasir Panjand Road, The LUMOS Leonie Hill etc. Heeton Holdings also have a great partnership deal with the other famous property dealers across the Singapore locality.

Heeton Holdings Great Location for Residential Property Investment

Why should you select Heeton Holdings for your residential property investment?

If you are looking for exceptional benefits for your new house or residence that has got style, high-end facilities and the great location then you must trust the Heeton Holdings for the job. The group has got the famous YOO inspired by Starck for developing the residential properties under their holdings, which is a prominent interior designing company.

If you are looking for a real estate company that works on all kinds of budgets then you must contact the Heeton Holdings. Above all, they have got flexibility in their work and the most enthusiastic team to make your dreams come true. Recently, the Heeton Holdings have also invested into the hospitality sector by holding a stake in the famous Mercure Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand.

The latest technology homes with the Heeton Holdings

Heeton Holdings take the use of the latest technology like virtual designing, 3D architecture, 3D interior and 3D walkthrough rendering services for building their projects. The company also helps the keen property buyers to have a virtual tour of the house using these gadgets. It is one of the most high-end technologies for developing customized and flexible interior options in the house, you invest in.

If you visit their office located in Singapore, you will be amazed to find the various options available for making your home property design simply fabulous. For great home interior design and development, Heeton Holdings is the favourite of many! You can read about them more by logging on the official website.

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Farrer Park Hospital Near to Uptown @ Farrer Condo

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The location of Uptown is very ideal as it’s a few steps from Farrer Park MRT Station. Everyone who lives in Singapore knows that taking the MRT is the best way to travel around the country. It’s clean, organized and fast. Aside from the convenience of being near public transport, the property is also near commercial establishments. It’s near shopping malls such as City Square Mall, Jalan Besar Plaza, Mustafa Centre and the soon to rise Centrium Square

Farrer Park Hospital Near to Uptown @ Farrer Condo

There’s no doubt the area is full of tourists exploring local finds. Health won’t be a problem either as Farrer Park Hospital and Medical Centre is also nearby. Finally, those who own private cars will find good news in the fact that the property is just a few blocks away from Pan Island Expressway and Central Expressway. Uptown @ Farrer Park is also close to Farrer Park MRT Station

Last November 29, 2016, the site was launched for public tender. It didn’t take long for the government to put it up for sale on a 99-year lease. They’re aware the property won’t be short on buyers due to how amazing the location is. China Construction Development and Allgreen Properties finished second and third in the bidding respectively. Now, we will never know what their plans for the properties are. The only thing that matters right now is the plan of Low Keng Huat Uptown @ Farrer. Due to their history of delivering outstanding projects, it’s doubtful anyone will be disappointed with what they have planned for the property.

The Origin of Farrer Park Name

There is no doubt that Uptown @ Farrer adds something to the history of Singapore and there is need for it to be preserved. Why then should that be the case when there is no physical structure but just a field that’s open? In 18412, that’s when a racecourse was established in the open field of Farrer Park. The first plane in this beautiful country also landed here and at the same time, it acted as a rifle range venue. The field was once used as an airstrip. Many political rallies were held in this field in the past and at the same time, it was everyone’s choice when it comes to sporting affairs.

Uptown @ Farrer Park Condo Singapore

Political gatherings that were held at Farrer Park came in handy. There were both pre and post wars in Singapore and this park play a role in it. When Singapore fell to the Japanese, the soldiers of both Malay and Indian were all held up in the field where they were demanded to pledge allegiance to the new rulers. The campaigns for the People’s Action Party were done at the park in 1955. When the country got its self independence, their armies were located at the park before they finally established their own barracks at a different location.
Now you know about the field of Farrer park!

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Training and Development at Tuan Sing Holdings Property Development

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Tuan Sing Holdings is a business group company with interests in hotels investment, property investment and property development. The company has its headquarters in Singapore and it was founded in 1969. Tuan Sing Holdings grew fast and in 1973 made it to mainboard listing of the Singapore Stock Exchange. The group serves a broad base of clients based in Australia, China, and South East Asia. Tuan Sing Holdings is famous for providing property, hotel investment and industrial development services.

Property Development Tuan Sing Holdings

Property development at Tuan Sing Holdings spans across the executive development of industrial, residential, and commercial properties in China and Singapore. Singapore districts are beneficiaries of Tuan Sing’s quality development of residential housing projects. In China, Tuan Sing is Shanghai’s developer of prime residential projects. The Group has also completed a couple of commercial and industrial development projects in Singapore and has ongoing residential and commercial development projects in Singapore. Tuan Sing has a remarkable record in hotel investment. It is the power behind the Grand Hotel Group the owner of two five star hotels, Hyatt Regency Perth and Grand Hyatt Melbourne. Grand Hyatt Melbourne is five-star hotel located in the impressive “Paris end” of the Collins Street in the Central Business District of Melbourne. Hyatt Regency Perth five-star hotel sits at the verge of Swan River banks close to East Perth.

Industrial Services at Tuan Sing Holdings

The industrial services of Tuan Sing Holdings constitute 80.2 percent of its subsidiary. SP Corporation Ltd – the listed subsidiary is a dealer in soil investigation, commodity business, geotechnical, and products distribution services. Hypak, another subsidiary of Tuan Sing Holdings accounts for 97.9 percent. It deals with the manufacture and market of polypropylene bags used for packaging. In other investments, Tuan Sing has a share of 44.5 percent in Gul Technologies Ltd in Singapore that manufactures circuit board in China and Singapore though its headquarters are based in Singapore. The Group also has a share of 49 percent in Pan-West Company Group, a distributor and marketer of products related to golf sport in Malaysia and Singapore. The company thrives in healthy relationships with its investors providing timely data, more investment opportunities and dividends.

Training and Development at Tuan sing Holdings

Tuan Sing Holdings manages sustainability by its focus on improving the conditions of the world, training, developing, and nurturing its employees, and working towards a sustainable corporate performance and growth. The Group also focuses on community development by participating in charity programs such as sponsoring blood donations to improve the safety of residents. Employees at Tuan Sing Holdings engage in donation programs giving their time, giving out food, and clothing to less privileged people. The Group also provides opportunities for the physically challenged in its five-star hotels.

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Boulevard 88 Freehold Condo Orchard City Developments Limited

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Boulevard 88 current development of the City Development limited which is located in the middle of Orchard shopping district. It is new freehold project that is located near several social amenities like shopping centers and the prime Orchard road. If you are planning to relocate to this place, an upscale living condition awaits you here. The freehold nature of this project gives an investor an asset that for growth.

Boulevard 88 Freehold Condo Orchard

Boulevard 88 is made with all modern facilities which are unique in a way. For security reasons, there is a guard house. The projects also take care of the sports people by having function rooms, tennis court, a gym which is indoor, sun deck and a big swimming pool. If you have kids, they will have BBQ pit for them and a wide playground that will meet their needs. Also, you will find the condos that can accommodate the whole family and provide entertainment facilities that your loved ones need. In short Boulevard 88 gives a tranquil and serene environment in the middle of Orchard.

Boulevard 88 City Developments Limited

A project cannot serve its purpose if it does not have certain facilities. That is why Boulevard 88 freehold condo orchard is said to be complete. For instance, it is located near shopping centers like the Ion Orchard, Far East shopping center, and the famous forum the shopping mall. It is also located near the Botanic garden where you can join other families during your free time. Near it, you will find a big hotel that serves sweet and delicious meals. The hotel has 208 rooms and two blocks with 28 storeys. In short, you will find about 154 unit of residence present at Boulevard 88.

Boulevard 88 Entertainment Facilities

Your safety and well-being are taken care of by City Development Limited. They are known for their promiscuousness in dealing with real estate issues. Over the many years that it has been operating in Singapore, it has been developed quality real estate projects like commercial shops, industrial sites, and residential facilities. They still have a vision of going on with the development of quality facilities in the coming years. Apart from development, City Development Limited also provides lease or sale of most ionic developments in Singapore. Some of their listings include twin towers, new futura, and Cliveden. They have also gone ahead to invest in the UK, Japan, China, and Australia. All the projects happen to be successful due to their involvement in fund management.

If you need an elite residential place, Boulevard 88 is the place for you.

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Parkland Collection Landed Property Hougang MRT Station Fantasia Holding Group

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Hougang Mall is located right next to Hougang MRT Station which is near to Parkwood Collection Lorong 1 Realty Park. Its astonishing dinner and fashion options make it a delightful visit for the shoppers. Hougang Mall was previously known as NTUC Hougang Mall. There were major renovations in the Mall around 2006 with a food cluster been included on the second floor and Playground and more shops included on the fifth floor. Parkland Collection Lorong 1 Realty Park is located at Hougang and the developer for the landed housing at Lorong 1 Realty Park is Fantasia Holding Group.

Parkland Collection New Landed Property at Hougang MRT Station

Heartland Shopping Mall is located within a few minutes walk from Parkland Collection Landed Property Kovan Bus Interchange and right next to Kovan MRT Station. It acts as a major shopping centre for the Kovan and Hougang area living residents. There are weekly promotions located on the first floor and anchor tenants such as Cold Storage Supermarket and Watsons and Japan Home within the mall.

Fantasia Holding Group is a top property service provider in China and is the developer for the new project at Parkland Collection. It became the only property company in China who got its shares listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2009. Under the leadership of Miss Zhen Jie, the group first commenced its business in Shenzhen China in 1996. The Holding has expanded to the four fastest economies in China: the Yangtze River Delta Region, the Chengdu-Chonqing economic zone, the Beijing-Tianjin Metropolitan region and the Pearl River Delta Region over the past 22 years of its existence. Its various affordable services such as property operation services, property agency services, hotel services and tourism services make their clientele range from middle class to upper-class families and small as well as high growth enterprises.

Parkland Collection Lorong 1 Realty Park Showflat Location

Fantasia Holding Group focuses on Urban Complexes located in the Central business districts and these complexes combine hotels, retail shops, offices and boutique in one project. The second category of the group’s focus is called Boutique Upscale Residences. It involves building residential projects in the countryside areas with natural beauty. It also provides professional services such as property operation services, hotel services and property agency services. It has won 2008 Corporate Citizen Award of Golden Brick for Real Estate of China which proves its excellence in the field of property development.

Parkland Collection Site Plan and Floor Plans

With likes of elite schools such as Holy Innocent High School, Montfort Secondary School and Serangoon Junior College near its vicinity, Parkwood Collection seems to be a promising investment for the owners as they will be able to easily access to Hougang MRT Station on the North East Line and Hougang Bus Interchange. Parkwood Collection’s unique design and structure awaits the aspiring residents.

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Daintree Residences Beauty World MRT Station Toh Tuck Road

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Daintree Residence is another 99-year leasehold development by Malaysian S P Setia situated at the Beauty World MRT station. During the development, 24 bids were made with China construction Development winning the tender at a value of $294 million to develop the residential area for the homeowners who will need a serene place for their family members. With many top bidders who made their bids, they concluded that Singapore real estate market has improved in terms of number of units at Jurong East Region. Daintree Residence Beauty World MRT is also located near to Bukit Timah and Hillview. There are many layouts and floor plans available for your consideration.

Daintree Residences Beauty World MRT Station Toh Tuck Road

What are some of the facilities located at Daintree Residence?
1. Beauty World Center
This shopping Mall will offer a wide range of experience for those who will be visiting the area during their tour in the city. Since it is located at the Beauty World MRT station, it will provide a good area for those residents who need a perfect shopping area for unforgettable experience.
2. Bukit Timah Shopping Center
Bukit Timah Shopping Center is a worldclass shopping center located between Beauty World Center and Bukit Timah Plaza. It will have several eateries for those will have to enjoy themselves in the city. In addition, it is a home to a number of top rated house cleaner employment agents or agencies together with beauty Spas for those looking for a beauty place.
3. Beauty World Plaza
This Beauty World Plaza is another place that offers excellent shopping experience for those who need a good area for their weekend relaxation as well as shopping. When you visit the area, you will have an amazing time with your family members.
What are the schools located at Daintree Residence?
Some of the top schools located at Daintree Residence includes:
Pei Hwa Presbyterian
Bukit TimahPrimary Schools
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Yusof Ishak School(Secondary)

Daintree Residence S P Setia International Site Plan

Since the close proximity of the schools to the main residential area, your kids will always have an easy time whenever they need to attend their daily classes. In addition, it will offer an opportunity for you to save money on transport since it is just a walking distance. These schools have proved to be performing well meaning that your kids will be in a position of getting the best quality education.

Daintree Residence will have some of the best and unique facilities for the family members that includes clubhouse, function room, a guardhouse, tennis court, a swimming pool, and indoor gym, playground for the children as well as BBQ for the family members. Your family will have a truly fascinating lifestyle whenever they reside within the area especially when looking for a comfortable life.

Daintree Residence Condo Floor Plans and Layout

A family will choose from the options of bedroom units of 3, 4 or 5 depending the size of the family. They will exists in two types namely one facing the Toh Tuck Road and Lorong Kismis options. During your purchase, you can always choose from these two options from the one that will serve your family well depending on your personal needs.

In summary, this Daintree Residence review should help you understand what you need in your home. Your family will have a serene environment where they can relax and have a good time while bonding together.

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East Coast Avenue Cayman Residences Singapore

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Cayman Residences is a brand new property that is situated at the East Coast region. Cayman Residences is situated close to the anticipated Marine Terrace Station & it is also near several amenities in the area. The property is situated at a landed property that comprises of terrace houses. This property stands on a 45, 249 square feet land. This land is capable of having 3-storeys property development. It is among the largest sites of landed property in the East Coast region. It is located in Singapore East Coast area and is one of the more popular shopping districts in Singapore.

Shopping centers close to the Cayman Residences

Parkway parade is a known shopping center that is situated close to Cayman Residences. Because of its big catchment location of residents at the East Coast the Parkway Parade gives a variety of tenants residing within the mall. Parkway Parade will still remain to be a famous shopping area because its location is very convenient and also the fact that it has a sufficient car parking area.

112 Katong close to the Cayman Residences

This is a mall situated where the Joo Chiat & the East Coast road meet. Having gone through some renovations it has featured a food court, a supermarket as well as a cinema. 112 Katong boasts itself as being a lifestyle mall that serves the residents. A total of one hundred and forty outlets and two basement car packs are available to serve the residents close to the mall.

The East Coast Avenue of the Cayman Residences

This property came as a perfect chance for those buyers who would wish to purchase a property near the East Coast region. The developer of the Cayman Residences is going to build new house on this avenue. Being among the biggest plots in District 15 for a long time, it is going to attract more buyers.

There is a very unique lifestyle that is awaiting you at the Cayman Residences. Being situated close to the East Coast Park Cayman Residences is a perfect location for residents to spend quality time with the family.

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Residential Developer Bukit Sembawang Estates Nim Collection

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Nim Collection which happens to be a 99-years landed property development has its location at the core of Ang Mo Kio at Nim road. We expect it to be completed by the middle of 2022 and there are as many as 167 units of residential landed property right here. Being located close to the Central Expressway, the inhabitants who will be residing here in future will have the privilege of accessing the nearby Greenwich V and the Seletar Mall where they can expect to spend an enjoyable time with their near and dear ones.

This landed property development will be responsible for enhancing the vibrancy of the nearby residences which are situated in this area such as Luxus Hills and the Seletar Hills.

Luxury Developer Bukit Sembawang for Nim Collection in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5

The development at Nim Road is situated on the previous agricultural land encircled by the Central Expressway as well as Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. This land which is surrounded to the government for a leasehold landed housing for 99 years without any restriction is partly owned by the Lee family of the Oveesea-Chinese Banking Corporation. This particular land happens to be on Lot 12949A MK18. Get ready for a unique and luxurious lifestyle ahead of you.

You will come across a number of shopping centers which are located very near to Nim Collection. Besides these, you will also find a number of local as well as international educational institutions near the development.

Bukit Sembawang Estates Luxury Residential Developer

The residents residing in Fernvale and Sengkang will have the privilege of eating out in some fantastic restaurants which are located in the comparatively new Seletar Mall close to Bukit Sembawang. Greenwich V is yet another shopping center here that deserves special mention. Traveling to Woodlands plus the city area will not be at all difficult thanks to the location of the development just beside the Central Expressway. Bukit Sembawang is a reputable residential developer with vast experiences in building quality homes for the family.

The notable shopping malls which are situated near Nim Collection happened to be the Seletar Mall, Greenwich V and Hougang 1. Amongst the significant schools near the development, mention may be made of Rosyth School, Nanyang Polytechnic, and Anderson Secondary School. Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited residential developer has accumulated a wealth of experience in building residential homes. They have started as agricultural but has since developed to landed properties.

Although Nim Collection covers an area of 117,000 square meters of agricultural land, at present it has been transformed into a leasehold residential land intended for landed property development. The target of Bukit Sembawang Estates is to construct as many as 167 residential units on this land having a 0.72 plot ratio. As a matter of fact, Nim Collection will soon turn out to be a really in demand landed property in near future. You will come across quite a few interesting locations close to the development which includes the Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park as well as the Chomp Chomp Food Center.

Residential Developer for Nim Collection Landed Property

You will be provided with a wide array of facilities at Nim Collection which includes shopping outlets plus an international school situated close to the landed homes right here. Nim Collection overlooks the lavish Seletar region as well as Ang Mo Kio. A tranquil and posh living environment is waiting for you at Nim Collection.

The residents will have the option to select from various floor plans according to their personal preferences. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the developer has the right to make any modification to the floor plans. Usually, you will come across two types of facing namely Nim Road facing or Ang Mo Kio facing.

In case you need further information, contact us immediately and we will provide you with a full copy of the floor plans upon request. Kindly go through our disclaimer for the usage of the floor plans.

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